We are Nizaemon, an authentic Amami Oshima Tsumugi textile manufacturer.

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Through the flow of time, we have long manufactured the Authentic Amami Oshima Tsumugi textile within the cultural context of Amami’s tradition and history.
In addition to the detailed delicacy of its craftmanship in dying and weaving, Amami Oshima Tsumugi will capture your heart with its soft but warm touch implying the relaxed slow life.
Amami Oshima Tsumugi was born as a gift from the earth.
With full dedication, we treat Amami Oshima Tsumugi that is manufactured through numerous processes. While we preserve its tradition, Nizaemon is challenging to create new Amami Oshima Tsumugi for new generations.
We are looking forward to seeing you when you visit Amami Oshima island.